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Planning Your Excursion

Planning Your Excursion

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium's Underwater Zoo Education programs are available every weekday during the Victorian school term.

With a range of options available you will be able to develop the perfect day out of the classroom, for every school level.

Centrally located on the bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne’s CBD the aquarium is easy to get to either via public transport or bus, with short term parking available.


Before Your Visit

Risk Assessment

  • SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium has created a risk assessment document for schools attending SEA LIFE Melbourne on excursion.

Confirmation of Numbers:

  • A week prior to your excursion, you will advised of the number of groups to organise your students into. Please split your students as evenly as possible into groups of no more than 30 each (25 for Early Childhood) in preparation for your tour.

Student Worksheets:

  • Please photocopy relevant worksheets for your students prior to your scheduled visit if you are booked in for a grade 5/6, secondary or VCE Program.

Group sizes:

  • Guided groups will be advised of the number of groups to organise students into a week prior to the excursion. Please split your students as evenly as possible into groups of no more than 30 each (25 for Early Childhood) in preparation for your tour.

What to Bring:

  • Students participating in programs with work sheets need to bring along a pencil, clipboard and a copy of the work sheet.

Familiarize students with the excursion:

  • We will provide a Social Script for young students a week before attending; scripts from Year 4 through to tertiary/adults are also available upon request.

Things To Remember:

  • When booking, have a couple of dates and times in mind in case we are already booked up on your desired day.

  • Let our Bookings Officer know as much as possible about the group, including numbers and if there are any special needs students. 

  • Aim to book your excursion as early as possible to ensure that you get your desired date and time.

On The Day

Entry to the Aquarium Before or After your Session

Students will experience all of the exhibits in the aquarium during the allocated 2 hour session. School groups are not permitted to enter the Aquarium before or after their session as those times are allocated to other school groups. Please note that this includes access to facilitites such as toilets. 

Bag storage:

We have storage available for lunches and student bags. We ask that groups bring food in tubs or trolleys where possible, which will reduce the time taken to enter and exit the building.


Students will be taken to the toilets by their guide at the beginning and end of their two-hour tour. Toilets are also available throughout if required. Access to these toilets is unavailable outside of these times unless previously arranged with the Education Co-ordinators.

Food & Water

Due to health and safety regulations, we do not allow excursion groups to eat or drink within the building.  . We do not presently have water bubblers available for students to use. Early Childhood and Special Needs groups can bring water bottles on the tour if required. 

We recommend visiting one of our neighbouring parks to snack before the commencement of the tour and to eat lunch after. In the case of extreme weather conditions our staff will make provisions for young students to eat inside. 
In addition, students are not permitted to make any purchases from our café.  For older students, there are a range of food options off-site in the area

Aquarium Shop Policy

Ratio of 1 adult to every 10 students at one time may visit the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Shop at the end of your program. Education groups visiting the shop will receive a 20% discount on items purchased.

Getting Here

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is located on the corner of Flinders and King Streets in Melbourne - ideally situated on the edge of the Yarra River, opposite the Crown Entertainment Complex.

Train Access

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium can be accessed via either Flinders or Spencer Street stations. For further information, please contact Public Transport Victoria  on 1800 800 007 or visit ptv.vic.gov.au  


The SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium tram stop is located on the free City Circle Tram route and also routes 70 and 75. City Circle trams run every 10 minutes in both directions.

The Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle is a FREE bus service, stopping at key tourist attractions and destinations in and around the City. Running daily, every 15 minutes from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

For further information on bus, train and tram services please contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 or visit ptv.vic.gov.au


Guided groups: SEA LIFE education staff will be meet the group at the student entrance located on king Street five minutes before the commencement of their program. Out teaching staff will greet the group, take final numbers for the invoice and lead them into the building.

Self-guided groups: The leading teacher needs to report to the Customer Service Desk at the Flinders Street main entrance to confirm numbers. Staff there will provide guidence for how the students should enter the building.

Bus Parking

Three designated bus parking zones are available on Flinders Street. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium staff will greet school groups and provide a safe place to alight. 

A 15 minute drop off and pick up zone is available for buses on Flinders Street, however, places cannot be guaranteed.

Buses waiting for school groups are then requested to park at designated areas in South Melbourne before returning to collect student groups. 

Please hand the bus parking information provided in our Confirmation Letter to your bus driver prior to alighting. 

Buses: The recommended safe bus drop-off zone is Aquarium Drive, located to the side of the aquarium. This can accommodate up to 8 buses at any time, and is directly next to parkland. *Please also account for any traffic you may encounter during your journey as we are not able to extend the tour beyond the booked finishing time, regardless of later arrival.

Arrival: Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early to snack before your excursion in a nearby park, or at least 10 minutes early if students will have already snacked.

Departure: Allow an extra 10 minutes for students to exit the building before boarding the bus home.  

School Group Entrance

We ask that in all cases, school groups use the King Street entrance.

Session Times


SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium's Underwater Zoo Education guided sessions are available every weekday during the Victorian school term at the following times: 

- 9.00am to 11:00am

- 10.00am to Midday

- 11.00am to 1.00pm

- 12.30pm to 2.30pm

- 1.30pm to 3.30pm

- 2.30pm to 4.30pm  

Self Guided:

Self-guided programs can be booked for any time between 9:30am and 4:00pm.

Bookings and Enquiries

Contact our Bookings Officer via email at: bookings@melbourneaquarium.com.au

Alternatively, you can fill out the School Excursions Online Enquiry Form.

Please note, our Bookings Office is open weekdays from 9:00am until 5:00pm. If you have an urgent enquiry after this time, please call 03 9923 5925.


School Excursions FAQ

There are currently two options teachers can choose to use when coming to an excursion to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. The options are: self-guided tour using our suggested worksheets or your own worksheets to guide the students around the aquarium. SEA LIFE Discovery class - this is a 45 minute workshop style class with your own education officer. This class is an additional cost to your entry ticket.

On average a self-guided school excursion takes around 1.5 hours to see all areas in the attraction. This time can vary depending on how you plan your visit, which marine talks you want to see and if your students are completing worksheets.

We highly recommend when possible to break your large group into smaller groups of 10 with a leader and another teacher to help look after the group. This allows for spreading out your school so that not all the students are trying to see the same exhibit at the same time.

If you have divided your students into smaller groups there are several areas in the aquarium where we suggest you can all meet up as a whole group again. These spots are also good places to have morning tea and lunch breaks with your students. Dugong Island deck and Reef Theatre are great areas to regroup, take a break and mark the roll.

Our SEA LIFE Discovery classes are undertaken in our Dugong Conservation room on Dugong Island deck. On arrival to the aquarium your education officer will meet you at admissions desk and take your first group to this area. If you have more than one class group undertaking the SEA LIFE Discovery class at a different time they will meet the education officer at the Dugong Conservation room on Dugong Island.

Yes, due to limited space in the Dugong Conservation room we have a maximum class size of 30 students.

These classes run for approx. 45min in total. The session times that you can book for these classes are 10am, 11am and 12pm each day.

Buses can drop off and pick up students from the bus bays behind the aquarium on Wheat Road, Darling Harbour. For all day parking buses can park for free at the King Street Wharf Coach layover parking which is found off Lime Street. Please note that buses cannot pick up and drop off from this location.

Yes, we encourage teachers to visit to help plan and prepare your risk assessment teachers can visit the aquarium for free and bring their family at a discounted entry price. This provides you with the opportunity to view the attraction and get familiar with the different exhibits, places to eat and what to see before you bring your students.