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Guided Secondary Excursion Programs

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SEA LIFE Melbourne's education team offer a range of exclusive guided programs. Listed below are the Secondary programs currently offered by SEA LIFE Melbourne.

We are delighted to introduce our newly named Education Program from Term 2 and ongoing. Our lessons will always meet your curriculum requirements and we will continue with the same outstanding educational service from our educators.

We have renamed our lessons to be aligned with our sister SEA LIFE Aquariums in Sydney, Auckland and on the Sunshine Coast. Please check out the descriptions of the OCEAN TEENS Program below.

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OCEAN TEENS Guided Secondary Programs

Program length: 1 hour guided tour followed by 1 hour self-guided tour

Session Times: 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm

Maximum number of students: 90 per session

Our Secondary Education Program from Term 2 is now called OCEAN TEENS

Guided Lessons:

  • Ocean Teens / Classification / Levels: Year 7 - Year 8 / Download Here
  • Ocean Teens / Food Webs / Levels: Year 7 - Year 10 / Download Here
  • Ocean Teens / Conservation / Levels: Year 7 - Year 10 / Download Here 
  • Ocean Teens / Aquarium Experience / Levels: Year 7 - Tertiary / Download Here

If there is a particular lesson or focus that is not listed here please make a request to our Education Team.

Program Details

Cost: $14.50 + GST per student

OCEAN TEENS Secondary Worksheets

Teachers are welcome to download and print these Secondary Worksheets for use in the classroom or during your visit. If you intend for your students to complete these worksheets during their visit please print them before you arrive and make sure students have suitable writing tools and folder. Printing facilities will not be available at the aquarium.

  • Ocean Teens / Classification / Levels: Year 7 - Year 8 / Download here
  • Ocean Teens / Food Webs / Levels: Year 7 - Year 10 / Download here