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SEA LIFE Melbourne
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Melbourne VIC

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SEA LIFE Melbourne
Ocean Invaders


Enter a stunning world of Jellyfish


Ocean Invaders

Launching December 12


We are excited to announce that an immersive new $1.5 million jellyfish exhibit will open to the public in December 2019.

Descend into the mysteriously fascinating world of jellyfish at SEA LIFE Melbourne with the opening of Ocean Invaders, which will feature three interactive zones pulsing with multiple species of stunning jellyfish.


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Meet some of our new species!

Ocean Invaders, Sea Jellies, Sea Life melbourne aquarium

Blue Blubber

Catostylus Mosaicus the Blue Blubber has a dome-shaped bell that can grow up to 35cm across. These beautiful creatures have eight arms with tiny dots that are stinging cells. These cells help them catch their prey!

Oceanarium l, sea life melbourne aquarium

Sea Nettles

Chrysaora Fuscescens or Sea Nettles eat young pollock, larval fishes, zooplankton and even other jellies. Their bell can grow to around 45cm! They have 12 'mouth arms' that can grow over 4m long! 

Ocean Invaders Sea Jellies Jellyfish, sea life melbourne aquarium

Lions Mane

Cyanea capillata or Lions Mane Sea Jellies are one of the largest of all jellies. Their bell can be up to 1m across tenticles more than 10m long! 

Ocean Invaders Sea Jellies Jellyfish, sea life melbourne aquarium

Australian White-Spotted

Phyllorhiza punctata or Australian White-Spotted Sea Jelly, is native to the western Pacific from Australia to Japan, but has been introduced widely elsewhere. They primarily eat zooplankton.

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This sensory experience is spread over more than 300 square metres and will captivate guests with enormous displays of jellyfish, interactive activities, incredible lighting installations and educational facts about the gelatinous sea creatures.

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Guests will be immersed in the beauty of a jellyfish invasion as they are surrounded by thousands of mesmerising creatures and spectacular lighting projections across multiple displays including an amazing spherical globe filled with swarming jellyfish.   

The journey continues to The Jelly Lab where guests can discover strange facts about the jellyfish lifecycle and take a peek behind the scenes as SEA LIFE Melbourne staff tend to the blooms of these graceful (and sometimes dangerous) sea creatures.

(Artist Impression Only)

In the third zone, children and adults alike can escape the invasion by crawling through an amazing cylindrical tank filled with oscillating jellyfish. In SEA LIFE Melbourne’s Art Aquarium children can design their own colourful jellyfish, which will come alive on a giant wall projection.  

(Artist Impression Only)

Ocean Invaders will also educate guests about the causes behind the increasing population – or invasion – of certain species of jellyfish in our oceans and the actions people can take to limit these exponential and sometimes problematic population increases.



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NOW RECRUITING: Become a Junior Jellyfish Reporter!

Do you have what it takes?

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is searching for curious kids with a keen interest in marine life to apply for the unique role of Junior Jellyfish Reporter!

Competition entries close on Friday 25th October so get in quick! 

SEA LIFE Melbourne Ocean Invaders Junior Jellyfish Reporter Competition



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