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31 Oct 2017 12:40:10

Saltwater Crocodile celebrates Halloween with ‘frightening feeding’ at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Link

Halloween celebrations took a jaw-dropping turn when Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium aquarists dared to play ‘Trick or Treat’ with resident saltwater crocodile, Pinjarra.

Weighing in at a staggering 750kg and measuring 5m long, the aquarium’s fearsome crocodile really is a sight to be seen – and this Halloween morning he made his presence known at a ‘frightening feeding’.

In celebration of the spooky occasion, Pinjarra was fed a very special treat – a carved jack-o’-lantern pumpkin packed with some of the crocodile’s favourite delicacies. Pinjarra also showed off a few of his favourite tricks as he jumped at the chance to investigate the carved pumpkin.

This ‘trick or treating’ Halloween activity forms part of the saltwater crocodile’s ongoing enrichment program at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. The program is curated by the aquarium’s aquarists and includes activities that encourage Pinjarra to keep active and express natural behaviours including foraging for food and exploring.

But the Halloween treats didn’t stop there today – the aquatic animals in the neighbouring Coral Atoll tank, including moray eels and hundreds of multi-coloured fish, also enjoyed a spooktacular feed in the form of a floating jack-o’-lantern that aquarists placed in the tank.