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Rainforest Adventure

Discover Australia’s most interactive Rainforest experience in Melbourne Aquarium’s brand new Rainforest Adventure exhibit!

Prepare to be transported from the depths of the ocean to the lush, humid and balmy temperatures of the tropical north where you can wonder at some of the truly unique animals not found anywhere else in the world including bizarre bugs, Lungfish, freshwater turtles, frogs and come face-to-face with the world’s largest display of Archerfish!

Try and spot the expertly camouflaged Peppermint Stick and Spiny Stick Insects, whose twig and leaf-like features mimic the natural rainforest environment making them the ultimate masters of disguise!

The dry touch pool is a must see, allowing even the smallest curious hands to get up-close to Hermit Crabs and smooth scaly Blue Tongue Lizards.

Learn more about the unique residents in Rainforest Adventure below:

Lungfish: Living fossil fish with lungs
Archerfish: Sharp shooters from the tropical north
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