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The story of the Lungfish is certainly an interesting fish-tale. It has been described as a ‘living fossil’, with its ancestors dating back to the dinosaurs, well over 100 million years ago. Lungfish are a species of freshwater fish and are best known for retaining primitive characteristics including its ability to breathe air - the only fish species that can - and it does so with its lung! In fact, the lungfish can even wriggle over land and live over the age of 50. Many believe the lungfish is the missing link in the evolutionary chain - which saw fish crawl out of the water to become land-dwelling, backboned animals, like us humans!



The silver and triangular-shaped Archerfish can be found in the freshwater systems of Australasia, from streams to rivers and estuaries. The most significant trait of this type is its ability to catch their land-based prey (often insects and bugs) by shooting water from its mouth. Archerfish are generally quite small in size but can grow up to 40 centimetres.

Boyd’s Forest Dragon

Generally coloured an olive brown, with brighter patches of yellow, black and white. This species is easily identified by the large pointed scales on a crest behind the head, pinkish flat-topped conical scales on the cheeks and a deep mustard yellow pouch (dewlap) beneath the jaw line.