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Port Jackson Shark

Spending their life in the shadows, Port Jackson sharks are certainly worthy of the spotlight.

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Port Jackson Shark

These amazing sharks have distinctive features that separate them from their rest of the shark world. 

Venomous Spines

Blending into their rocky home, Port Jackson sharks have dark markings that run from their blunt head right down the back of their brown-grey body. With a venomous spine in front of their top two fins, this remarkable species is provided with protection from predators attacking from above. Although they are a shark, growing up to around 1.65 metres in length, they are considered to be harmless to humans.

Aussie Local

As their name suggests, the Port Jackson shark are true Aussie locals. First discovered in Port Jackson Harbour, these sharks are only found in southern Australian waters and nowhere else in the world.

Nocturnal Hunters

As the sun sets, Port Jacksons emerge from their shadowy caves to feed. They glide along the sandy bottom in search for sea urchins, clams, and mussels—basically anything easily crushed between their strong jaws.

Port Jackson Shark Fast Facts:

  • Common Name: Port Jackson Shark
  • Scientific Name:  Heterodontus portusjacksoni
  • Habitat: Coastal rocky reefs
  • Diet: Sea urchins, clams and molluscs
  • Size: Up to 1.65m
  • Range: Southern Australian waters from southern Queensland, south to Tasmania, and west to the central coast of Western Australia.
  • Threats: By-catch
  • Conservation Status: Least concern
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